Lock table overflow

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When release sale order in VKM1 , the lock error message below occur

Cause and Solution:

A lock table overflow can occur if:

  • The lock table is configured too small
  • An application sets a large number of locks
  • The update process is hanging and this is passing a lot of locks onto the update task.
  • Running a  report with improper selection criteria (like very long time periods data pull) which sets so many locks & eventually lock table overflow occurs.


How to identify lock table overflow issue ?



Go to SM21 transaction log and ST22 dumps, if you find any error messages like LOCK_TABLE_OVERFLOW, Lock table overflow, Internal lock administration error it means there is a lock table overflow issue.

increase lock table size in SAP

Parameter enqueue/table_size to be changed to increase or decrease lock table size using RZ10 transaction. Default value of this parameter is 32768. The min value that can be set is 4096 and max value is 102400. The unit for this parameter is KB.

resolve lock table overflow ?


  • Increase the size of lock table i.e increase the parameter enqueue/table_size value using RZ10 transaction.

  To determine the optimal value for this parameter, you can check the maximum locks set so far in the history and the current number of locks set from SM12 -> Extras -> Statistics 


  • Increase the number of enqueue work processes

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